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Calc-O-Time is an effective time manager with professional functions.

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1.Tasks in words

Write down a short, concise description for you own task for the next few days. The more exact the task was written down, the sooner you will be ready with the task. The strategy being structured well and written down helps you to remember the different tasks . If you schedule you day, a change of topics will happen not so often. The focus on a special topic or task is a essential of professional time management. Without focusing your efforts make no sense.

2. The time

You have to set a border of time to become a real "master of time" and to manage your daily life. Furthermore, the border of time supports you to schedule your day. Deadlines motivate you. Achieving the goal is a bad motivator. It offers you the opportunity to work more efficiently and to get the make the most of Your day. Give your tasks more time than you need really. The best way to calculate your time is to sum up 60% real work time and 40% buffer time for accidents and unexpected things.

3. The importance

What is the meaning of "importance" of the Calc-O-Time? Estimate the importance of the task to know what is important for me at the moment. Assigning priorities and choosing is the the core of your action. Deciding is more important than fulfilling the task. People do not set priorities and work the whole day. But the achieve nothing. Important tasks are not done because they cannot see the real importance of certain tasks. This is the reason for the phenomenon. Task are graded in three different categories at the Calc-O-Time ( and a 4th unimportant).

2. Just do it and delete it

After you did you tasks after the fixed time, you can delete them in the program. Click on the task to select it and then use the button "Delete" to remove it. The Calc-O-Time awards you will point depended on the level of importance. If you have got a certain number of points, you will raise up to the next level. Furthermore, you will get a better overview of the tasks and there will be new space for new interesting tasks. Become a master of time and achieve level 100. Are you ready for a new period of time management?

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