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Why EVERYBODY needs extensions?

Sometimes there are missing brushes, plugins and gradients in Photoshop and GIMP. Extensions are time savers for special tasks like web design.

They help you to shorten monotonous tasks, batching them or a supporter of your work.

Fix Your bugs . Quickly.

Brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns are able to replace bugs in Photoshop and GIMP. If the published version of the graphic suite consists of mistakes the developer of the extensions help you to get rid of the bugs. For example: A Photoshop developer doesn’t activate the filter xy and a developer of the filter extensions gives you the opportunity to fill the gap.

Make Photoshop and GIMP Yours

With brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns, you can adapt the version of Photoshop and GIMP for your own demand. You can change the look of Photoshop and GIMP via themes extensions. If the background color of GIMP does not look nice to you try another theme.

Photoshop brushes have got also practical functions. They should be used to finish the picture.

brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns give you the opportunity to expand your creativity. They are the key of realization. What is the worst thing on the world? An artist can not follow his creativity because the functions of the program do not give him the opportunity. A pattern, brush or gradient is missing and he cannot finish his artwork!

Awards of PGEI Pro
Awards of PGEI Pro

Photoshop GIMP Extensions Installer

  1. 140 extension installed with 1-Click
  2. Quick-Learn – Summary Docs + YouTube Videos
  3. Smart importer of extensions

110 DAYS – 110% Money-BACK Guarantee

9,95€ 39,99€
(Only for 0.07€ a extension)

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