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What are the requirements?

Liquid Idea's programs can be used on a slower pc.
You have to check if you have got latest
Java program or you can download for free
(Here!). Here are the minimum system requirements in detail:

OP: Windows XP or better (optimised for Windows 10) / Mac / Linux
Processor: Pentium 2 266 MHz or better
RAM: 128 MB RAM or more
Java: Java 6 Update 41

What means "importance?""

The "importance" is a technique for business management to categorize different tasks. Task were marked with A, B, and C.

A – very urgent and important,
B – less important but not urgent,
C –  unimportant
D - Trash section
To know more about this technique look here: The Eisenhower method

What are the Calc-O-Meters?

Calc-O-Meter (C.O.M.) is a program-collection of diverse Java-Programs helping you in your daily life. All programs are Freeware and you can download it here. The different Java-tools were developed by LiquidIdea.

What is the Alc-O-Meter?

This program calculates your alcohol level in your blood. After drinking alcohol your body will change. The Alc-O-Meter displays the diverse effects on your body. Required values are your body weight and your gender to calculate the exact per mile. Further features are:

• Muliple different drinks with different percentage of alcohol
• Exact values and no estimated approximations

At the beginning of the program you can type it in and you can select the drinks you drunk. By choosing the drinks the program differs between different kinds of alcoholic drinks. The percentage of the drinks are denoted on the left side. Click on "Calculate" and the exact value appears in the label under the button. Besides, the program displays the different effects on your body on the left side and sometimes a big icon.

What is (important) to know?

Developer(s): LiquidIdea
Initial release: 25.03.2016
Development status: Active
Written in: Java SE
Operating system: Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows
Platform: Java
Available in: English
Type: Tools
License: Freeware
Standard(s): eye-friendly design

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