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1. Basic-Info

The reaction on alcohol could happen in various ways depending on the human. Everybody reacts in a different way on alcohol because of the various parameters. The weight, mass of alcohol, age and the gender are basic parameters which influence the pro mile value. Type in the most important values to get a secure results of the analysis quickly. The basic data helps the Alc-O-Meter to calculate Your own pro mile value of alcohol.

2. Drunken drinks

Have You drink umpteen kinds of alcohol (like shorts, beer and wine) with 5%, 13% and 56%? The different kinds of drinks make it difficult for other programs calculating the pro mile. The Alc-O-Meter manages the problem in an easy way. The useful GUI of the Alc-O-Meter offers you the possibility to click on Your drinks. Easy and quick. Use the little clickers to set figure of the drink and their alcoholic component. The Alc-O-Meter is ready for beer, shorts, wine and much more…

3. After party

The wonderful night of the party ends. You drunk only two beers on the beginning on the party. This raises the question of whether you are able to drive home with Your car and you are able to drive Your friends back home. The Alc-O-Meter will give you the answer and doesn't leave you alone. The tool offers you the possibility to type in the hours without alcohol and you get an immediately answer of the Alc-O-Meter. Maybe, you could be able to drive in two hours or you have to wait until the next morning.

4. Click on "Calculate"

Only one click on the blue button and You get the most relevant information: pro mile and Your currently fitness to drive. The Alc-O-Meter and the other Calc-O-Meters are easily constructed to donate the users a plenty of time and to simplify the daily life. The click on the blue button will help. Always. Big symbols , fitting icons and detailed description make it easy to understand the typical reaction of alcohol on your body. Pictures and texts in the correct combination facilitates the results. Test the Alc-O-Meter and enjoy the function of it.

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